November 5, 2008

~ juz a boy ~

take dis cap off ma head
i'm exposed
it's no big surprise
dun u think i know
exactly where i stand
dis world is forcing me
to hold ur hand

coz i'm juz a boy,
dun let me outta ur sight
i'm juz a boy, try to have a little joy
so dun let me have any rights

da moment dat i step outside
so many reasons
for me to run and hide

i can't do da little things
i hold so dear
coz it's all those little things
dat i fear

coz i'm juz a boy, i'd rather be silly
coz they won't let me be me
guess i'm sum kinda freak
coz they all sit and stare
wit their eyes

i'm juz a boy, livin’ in captivity
ur rule of thumb
makes me worry some

is dis ma destiny?
wut i've succumbed to is makin me numb
im juz a boy, ma apologies
wut i've become is so burdensome
im juz a boy, lucky me
twiddle-dum there's no comparison


-icha03- said...

*genggam tgn kuat2*
selalu ade nih
kat sebelah
okeh :)

Anonymous said...

u jump i jump

-icha03- said...

hidup bersama,
mati bersama

ehh ?

susah senang;
kite hadap sama sama